Alpha Xi Delta

Beta Psi at Carroll University

Chapter History

About Our Chapter

    The Beta Psi Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta was colonized at Carroll University on September 25th, 1948. On that day, there were twenty-two collegiate members and five alumna members of the local sorority, Alpha Kappa, who then pledged Alpha Xi Delta, forming the Beta Psi Chapter. 


Our Symbols

The Ladybug: Originally, the ladybug was the local mascot of the Alpha Kappa local sorority, it is now the exclusive symbol for our Beta-Psi chapter. 


Our Flag: The flag bears the coat of arms; ten gold stars, one for each Founder; and the Fraternity name written out. The flag is often used in chapter meetings and put on display.


Our BannerThe top bar of the banner shows ten golden stars, one for each of the Founders; the middle bar shows the Fraternity Greek letters; and the bottom bar shows a golden Quill, the badge of our Fraternity.


Our Symphony


"These things do we earnestly desire: A clear vision of life, that with gracious and kindly hearts we may share both joy and sorrow and bring into living reality the sisterhood of women. 

An appreciation of real merit and worth, steadfastness of soul, that without bitterness or defeat we may encounter misfortune and with humility meet success.

These things, O Lord, help us to instill with- in our hearts, that we may grow in courage and graciousness and peace."